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Moira Tait / Explainer Voice Over

Explainer Demo

Elearning Demo Reel - Moira Tait

Whether Motion graphics, whiteboard, screencast or traditional animation, explainer videos are 1 -3 minutes which explain about a service, product or about the company. They’re extremely effective because they combine engaging audio and visual storytelling in a simple and understandable way. No wonder they are one of the most popular forms of marketing.

Types of Explainer Videos

There are several categories that explainer videos cover:

Introductions and overviews are great ways to introduce your product, service or company in a concise way. It’s a way in for people who don’t know about your brand.

Explainer videos can break down a process or idea in an easily accessible way.  The Leuven University video below is just such a video.

Tutorials or demos are perfect for explainer videos, taking the place of  the instruction manual with the added benefit that the viewer can see exactly how the product is put together or works.

Many people who give presentations will often use an explainer video to highlight key points or deliver important information.

And they are a great way to introduce your company culture to new employees or consumers. This is a much more exciting way to deliver your mission statement.


Why Videos Are So Effective

The reason videos work is that video is visual which stimulates our brain. When you present content that relies on both visual and audio, information is easier to absorb and digest.  Video is a great medium to elicit strong emotional responses and when combined with a voice over, you can control the tone you want to set as well as the message you want to give,  thereby increasing the emotional response.


Why The Narrator Is So Important

A professional narrator will understand your core message, and tell it in an engaging way, thereby connecting emotionally with the viewer.  A voice artist will represent your brand with their personality and warmth. They take the viewer on a journey with your company and spur them on to respond to your call to action.  

The most common voiceover style for explainer videos is the conversational style, because the explainer video is, after all, a story.  And a professional voice talent will add subtle nuances such as a touch of humour, authority, wryness or a slightly inspirational tone.


Ask Moira for a Custom Audition

Moira has voiced explainers for universities, real estate, pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies. She has a warm, clear Southern British accent which is most easily understood and considered the most trustworthy. Moira’s voice exudes confidence, knowledge and sincerity, creating the authentic voice for your product, brand or service. Request a custom audition or play her explainer demo to hear different styles of voiceover.

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