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Moira Tait / Elearning Voice Over

Elearning Demo

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Moira has a long-held passion for education having worked for many years as a training manager and educational writer, and still lectures around the world.  She brings this experience and understanding of how learners respond to her e-learning voice over work. Moira also knows that Elearning designers are often restrained by budget, time and resources so will always seek to offer her best value rates and a fast delivery.


The Increase in ELearning

With eLearning already increasing dramatically in 2020, and a predicted explosion over the next few years, learners and employees will be spending much time completing online training.   Now, more than ever, instructional designers and learning professionals will need the professional voice over artist to engage their audience and enable maximum retention.


The Range of ELearning

Different e Learning training has different outcomes: corporate eLearning seeks a change in behaviour, whilst academic courses are geared towards learner retention.  The style of the narrator’s delivery will impact on this and an experienced voiceover narrator will match the style to your content whether it’s a conversational manager, supportive teacher, or authoritative trainer.  Moira’s British voice exudes confidence, knowledge and sincerity, creating the authentic voice, engaging learners and keeping them engaged.


How Moira can Help Y0u

Moira also has a few other characteristics which help the learner retain information! The female voice has been shown to be the most trustworthy by both men and women and a Southern British accent is one of the most believable. These attributes are essential when you are asking your learners to come with you on their learning journey.   If the voice engages the listener, they are more likely to trust what the narrator is saying, and when they trust someone, they listen better and retain more information.  And it's not just the case in the UK and with English speakers; non-native learners also find the Southern English accent as the most intelligible.  That’s why Moira has narrated ELearning for global brands such as Unilever, Pfizer and Clinton’s Health Access Initiative.

You can request a custom audition or download her Elearning Demo reel.

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